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  • Mihai Chereji

    Mihai Chereji

    Twenty-something with little sense of direction in life or on the street. Sometimes a web-dev & part-time self-saboteur.

  • Stefan Stoichev

    Stefan Stoichev

  • Rogue


    Lady Data Security. Award-winning writer. #Crisis/#risk mgment with #OSINT. #Infosec columnist @ZDNetfr. Curator @desidedata #Maker, polylingual bookworm.

  • Theo Shikov

    Theo Shikov

    Founder at Out2Bound. Sales and tech consultancy.

  • Napravnik Jiri

    Napravnik Jiri

    Visionary and discoverer of new ways in Cyber Security. It's time to change the basics of Cyber Security.

  • Taiki Fukunaga

    Taiki Fukunaga

  • Алибито


    Осигуряване на алиби за дребни прегрешения, анонимно изпращане на подаръци, прикриване на изневери

  • Aleksander Gangov

    Aleksander Gangov

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