Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria (EU country) were on the July 11th. We (a center-right opposition coalition) were running Facebook pages for each candidate, and spent our digital advertising budget on a portion of them, promoting genuine content authored by candidates themselves.

Then we stopped the ads, and a day later our pages were bulk deleted, mostly without any reason. Not just unpublished or blocked from posting — gone.

Incidentally, the same happened some time after the last election (which was just 3 months prior). Our support tickets got us as far as having the page, but not being able to…

I got banned from Facebook again, and this time there are no subtleties and nuances like last time, where regional-specific discourse was involved.

This time it’s something inexplicable without assuming there’s just a “bag of words” for which users are automatically banned after someone reports a comment (and the appeal does not go through a human moderator).

What’s the context: someone had published a racist joke about a building in Germany that caught fire, and immigrant families (from Muslim countries) died, while their German neighbors didn’t, because they were at work (meaning —” immigrants don’t work”).

So my comment was…

Yes, a 1-day suspension is nothing serious, but it’s an indication of the holes in the community guidelines and the complexity of public discourse.

Trump attacked twitter for fact-checking him. And he used his position of power to question a 90s law shielding online platforms from liability when they moderate content.

And discussions are circling around one issue — social networks and their role in public discourse. …

Now that many people have been working remotely for two months, probably everyone is wondering “can this go on forever” and “is it better”.

Many people, especially in the IT industry, as well as other industries that lend themselves to remote work, have been claiming that remote work is the way of the future — working from anywhere, not tied to an office, avoiding commutes, etc., etc.

I’m skeptical about all that. And I’m saying that, having worked for almost two years entirely remotely — not just from home, but 2000km away from the office. …

How many times you, as a software expert, saw some software or process and thought “damn, this can be done so much better”. Yes, a lot. But why, since large organizations spend a lot of money on IT? Is it because software is too complex, is it because of organizational issues, is it legacy software, or just the way things are?

And if what we see is so bad, isn’t common market sense saying that surely these companies will be disrupted and made obsolete by a new and better competitor? I won’t give a definitive answer why software is bad…

It seems that China is going to have a digital currency based on blockchain. And that’s huge, but I’ll comment on another aspect — how blockchain made this possible.

The more tech- and cryptography-savvy will rightly note that it was perfectly possible to do a multi-organizational ledger with cryptographic guarantees long before bitcoin and the blockchain data structure that it made popular.

However, the popular (and hyped) concepts of blockchain are easy to understand by people other than those with niche expertise in distributed systems and cryptography. …

For the past few months I’ve had an article opened on my phone that claims how detrimental GDPR has been to businesses and consumers alike.

And I wanted to debunk most of what’s inside. But I couldn’t go and debunk the individual facts —they are mostly correct. However, they are either not a consequence of GDPR, or a consequence of data privacy rights, or a consequence of companies not caring about personal data for years.

I won’t claim that GDPR has been a smooth sail, as it has been pushed rather optimistically without a push for a wider understanding of…

The Digital single market is the idea that any digital company is immediately exposed to the whole European market without any specific efforts. That once you build a digital product, you can sell in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden.

Unfortunately, that is not the case — we are rarely seeing pan-European companies; most are focused on one or several related markets, e.g. the DACH region, the Nordics, Benelux.

But it’s not for the lack of trying from the European Commission to reduce regulatory friction by harmonizing legislation across the EU — one by one regulatory burdens are being removed. The data…

I want to be able to accept (recurring) payments for my company’s services. It isn’t much to ask, is it.

Well, it’s more complicated. Let me explain how we currently don’t have a working website subscription and instead ask clients to do bank transfers while we resolve the issue.

I run a subscription business, offering a cloud-based secure audit trail. We advertise it as “blockchain-inspired” because we utilize most of the cryptography underlying popular blockchain implementations in order to protect the integrity of the audit trail (this is important for the story below). …

Bozhidar Bozhanov

Software engineering. Linguistics, algorithmic music composition. Founder at

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